About Us


We get you interviewed…First.

Flash interview was developed over the last 15 + years to provide the best, most efficient way to find the career you are looking for today.

Gone are the days of paper resumes being the number one job applicant tool. More and more companies are using technology to save time, money and vet their applicants. Making it easier for employers is a key to your success.

Companies are looking for people that invest in themselves, who have a vested interest in their own success. Paper resumes show what you have done, Flash interview shows who you are.

With Flash interview you get to jump right out at the employer, in their face, ahead of the piles of resumes they have to tediously go through. Not having a Flash interview is a mistake that could cost you that next, new career opportunity.

Our professional process brings out the real you, the marketable you. Flash interview is going to be the mainstream, possibly the prerequisite when looking for your new job or career. Get started today!

The investment you make in yourself with Flash interview will pay for itself in no time. Flash interview... We get you interviewed first is not just a tag line, it's the truth. Get going and contact them today. Don't wait another minute. That job you want is waiting for you.

As a hiring manager for over 20 years, I dreaded reviewing resumes, setting up interviews, etc. If Flash interview existed at that time, that would be the only way I would review candidates.

First thing I would think is...Wow, this person is serious about getting a position and is investing in themselves. That is the kind of person I would be looking to fill any position.