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If you don't have a video resume by vResume, you are missing out some incredible employment opportunities.  Even worse, you may be completely invisible to employers. The best companies use video resumes to find the best candidates.  Will they find you?  Let the Flashinterview team help you get started today. Not ready for a vResume as part of your online presence?  No problem.  The Flashinterview profile and Flashinterview+ profile may be just the thing you need.  Each will allow you to track how many jobs you apply for and how many times your profile has been viewed by specific employers.  Flashinterview+ allows even more flexibility by giving you 3 different profiles including resume, cover letter, keywords, etc.  All of this is managed from a single profile screen.
Flashinterview+ Profile & vResume - $149.00   (for a limited time only, $29.00)                                                                                                          More option below
Once you decide to take the step in updating your oneline presense with a video resume, don't trust your video resume to just anyone and NEVER do one yourself.  If you want to be taken seriously as a candidate, get seen by more employers and are serious about finding a better job or new career, you need vResume by  Now, if you really want to stand out and get "interviewed" more than you ever have in the past, we highly recommend contacing your local Flashinterview professional.   They will help schedule your in person vResume.  Your vResume is a professionally conducted interview that will give employers a clearer picture of who you are and what you are all about.  If you are still using job boards, chances are, you will never be seen.  vResume makes it easier for employers to find you.  Once you approve your vResume, you may begin sending your Flashinterview link, including your vRresume to prospective employers.  You will be able track how many times you have sent your link and how many times your vResume was viewed.  Employers then contact you directly.  Contact us for more details.
Flashinterview+ Profile - Only $1.99 for 90 days (you will not be billed again)                                                                                                             More option below
Flashinterview+ gives you all of the benefits of your Flashintterview profile, but allows for multiple profiles.  With multiple profiles you are not limited by one profile/resume.  Each of your profiles (up to 3) can contain different information, including separate resume/cover letter, geared towards different roles.  When you find a position that you want to apply to, send the profile that best fits the position.  Our Flashinterview+ option gives you more control and at a lower cost than of any other service.  Flashinterview+ can be purchased for $1.99 and gives you 90 days of access to these profiles.  More than enough time to get that new job or new career you've always wanted.  You will not be automatically charged after the 3 months.  If you decide not to sign up after the 3 month, no problem.  Your profile will be saved for 1 year in case you decide to come back. ​ Need more information?  Feel free to send us an email.   Your Flashinterview or Flashinterview+ profiles will help you get you more results and because you will see the interest, or lack of, and be able to quickly change your profile for better results.  What could be better than that? 

Not ready to commit?  Again, no problem.  You can create your Flashinterview profile quickly and it is free.  We invite you to setup your profile and use as much as you like.  You can create one anytime at